Invoice Factoring / Financing

Whether you trade domestically or internationally, let us accelerate your payments today.

  • Invoice Finance provides you with an immediate injection of cash, when you need it, to cover operational costs, payroll and growth.


    Our Invoice Finance solution allows you to simply pick and choose which invoices you wish to fund and when, without being tied in.


    You simply provide a list of the individual invoices you would like to receive accelerated payment against and leave the rest to us. Fast and flexible finance.


    Releasing the cash trapped in your invoices gives you the working capital you need to accept more orders, helping you to grow your business.


    We have a transparent fee structure with no hidden extras and offer some of the most competitive rates in the market. No fuss. No security required.

  • We have created a solution that is individual to your business objectives and ambitions.
  • You can pick and choose individual invoices against which to fund.
  • The Accelerated Payments offering is a distinctive and individual solution in an otherwise cluttered market.
  • The passion to share your entrepreneurial spirit as you continue to make an individual mark in your markets.
  • The flexibility that comes with the individual nature of an offering that is wholly independent from traditional finance providers.
Invoice Finance for Recruitment

Invoice financing is a great tool for Recruitment Companies to manage cash flow and fill funding gaps while you wait to get paid.  It’s not a business loan, it doesn’t require personal guarantees or liens on assets.  It’s an early payment mechanism for trade receivables – money that’s due to you once you invoice, but in your bank account within 24 hours so you don’t have to wait. Get the financial flexibility into your business to respond to changing market demands.

Instant cash when you need it.

Select the approved invoice for funding.  80% of the value less our fee is in your bank account within 24 hours.  The remaining 20% is deposited once the Buyer has paid.

Non-recourse & payment guaranteed.

No personal guarantees, no liens and no long-term contracts. We focus on your Debtor and credit-insure the transaction so you’re guaranteed at least 90% of the payment.

Flexible funding that lets you grow.

The flexible nature of the service means that the amount your business can access grows in line with turnover. So, the more invoices you raise, the more funding you will receive.